Memories of Early Maine: 1942 - 1943


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Our street in South Portland


5 Adelbert Street - our house



From the front



Our local Parish

Holy Cross School


Mary's & Phil's School for a year


No school today - ask for the story



An Amazing Place


The Bug Light (small lighthouse)

The place my Dad worked

About 260 Liberty Ships


were built here by about


37,000 people, including


my Dad and his brother Bob,


in about 4 years!

The people worked 3 shifts


around the clock, probably


including weekends!

Local homeowners rented beds

by the shift, so one person "owned"

a given bed for an 8 hour period,

while 2 others each "owned"

the same bed for 8 hours each! Mary spots Dad and Uncle Bob???


Side view of this amazing outdoor exhibition at Bug Point Park.



And a front view. Many thanks to the citizens of South Portland for preserving this spot over all the years. The dry docks are gone, but the memories live on.


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