Aunt Edna's 90th Birthday, April 19, 2006

Celebrated with Family & Friends on April 29, 2006 at the Red Fox Restaurant in Saranac Lake, NY

& at Mass at Saint Bernard's Church and the Hotel Saranac on Sunday, April 30, 2006

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Program compliments of Alyson Landers

Tom w/Aunt Edna before the party


Tom w/Aunt Edna walking into the Red Fox

Totally surprised, should we say shocked, Aunt Edna?

Niece Carolyn Ryder escorts Aunt Edna

Marie Mawn, one of the many surprise guests

Aunt Edna greeted by Isabel & Claire Landers & Ginny Martin

Tom introduces the Guest of Honor

Joe leads the Grace before the meal

Ginny & Mary visit with Aunt Edna

First cousin John Dusch, himself 87, visits his cousin

What did you wish for, Aunt Edna?

Reflections by Ginny Martin

Reflections by Doug Dusch supported by wife Nancy

Reflections by Blanche Santimaw

Alexa, Tish, & Kevin


Doug, Aunt Edna, Georgia Murphy, Jean Murphy

Marie Mawn, Sally & Jim Miller

John Dusch, Doug Dusch, Marge Dusch, Jean Dusch Cross, Joan Emerson, Carolyn Ryder, Eileen Plumley, Blanche Santimaw, Nancy Dusch, Georgia Murphy

Mary Jane & Mary

Blanche Santimaw, Eileen Plumley, May Plumadore

Murphy Stringer, Brenda Stringer, Jean Murphy, Carolyn Ryder, Doug Dusch

Joe, Emily, Kevin, Alexa and Tom,Jr., Mary Jane

Isabel and Claire Landers

Tish & Kevin enjoying the meal

Jim and Sally Miller with Liam

Tom & Alexa

Joe & Emily

Kevin & Alexa & The Red Fox

  Sunday, April 30 at the Hotel Saranac for brunch  

Aunt Edna with Tom and Alexa and Tom Jr.

Alexa & Tom Jr, with Mary Jane

The Millers: Sally, Liam, Jim, & Amanda

Blanche, Doug, May, & Eileen

Carolyn, Aunt Edna, & Nancy

Claire, Ginny, Tish, & Isabel

Tish, Mary Jane, & Mary

Georgia, Carolyn, Aunt Edna, Nancy

Carolyn, Aunt Edna, Nancy

John & Marge Dusch, Jean Dusch Cross

Tom, Ginny Martin, Claire Landers

Mary, Ginny, Sally, Aunt Edna


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